How To Know If Your Relationship Is Real Or Just A Fling

meMen don’t walk around with a sign on their head that says, “Date me.” It would be nice if they were that obvious, but they aren’t. They aren’t mind readers or psychics. Can you imagine how easy dating would be if they were? But, if they care about you, they try to show you with cute little gestures. If you’re wondering if your relationship is real, follow these 5 rules and you should know!

1. Dinner Time

Does your man plan exciting dinners? You know, like a real dinner date? If he puts in the effort to look nice and takes you to a romantic restaurant, you’re in luck. He wants to date you!

2. Let’s Cuddle

After you’ve been intimate, does your man cuddle with you or just go to sleep? Cuddling is a sign that he cares about you. It’s his subtle way of letting his guard down and being vulnerable. If he just passes out, it’s time to get the hint that things aren’t ever going to be serious.

3. Hey Parents

Has your man mentioned meeting his family? Meeting the parentals is a big step.

Best Qualities Of Successful Daters

e4Dating may have its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you’re out there in the first place. If it’s love you’re after, you should spend time with someone who will give you want you want. Remember: You deserve only the best. So what’s the most important thing to remember while you’re out meeting new people on your quest for love? Stay true to yourself!

What Do You Want?

The first step in being a successful dater is identifying what you want. If you want to date your dream mate, go for it. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Trust your instincts because you know yourself and what type of person you’re attracted to.

No Settling

Don’t put any effort into a situation if you know it won’t make you happy. When you’re dating, you have to be aware of what you want. Be true to yourself and who you want to date. If you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend but you’re hanging out with someone who can’t commit, don’t go out with them again. It’s a waste of your time and theirs.

Don’t Accept

What Men Should Know

menMany men are confident and know their way around women and this is an advantage and a skill they can use to succeed in dating women. Unfortunately, there are men who lack confidence and so shy that they cannot express themselves around women and so they end up dateless and loveless. For these men, knowing how to beat their shyness around women is important for them to have the relationship they’ve always wanted with their dream woman.

So how to beat your shyness around women?

Decide to do something to conquer your shyness around women. The first thing to do is to make a decision that you will act and do something to beat your shyness around women. If you want to have a good job will you just sit there and wait? Or will you go out and do something to get that job you really want? Anything you want can be achieved by making a plan and taking action whether it is in your professional life or in your personal life. If you want something in your life, you have to do something

Tips Women Should Know

woDivorce can have a lasting effect in one’s life and dating again after divorce can be challenging. When you first got divorced, the trauma of a failed marriage prevented you from thinking about another relationship. But after being alone for quite some time, you are thinking about dating again but you have no idea how and where to start. Here are some tips that can be very helpful in dating again after divorce.

Make sure you are ready. Do not rush and make sure that you have given yourself enough time to heal from the pain of divorce. It is not wise to jump right back in the dating scene not knowing if you are really ready to date again. You have to be emotionally stable and mentally ready to date again and enter a new relationship.

Make a decision to move on. If you feel that you are ready to date again, make a decision to move on. Do not let the past interfere with your present and your future. Dating again after divorce can be very hard if you will not make the decision

4 Ways To Become More Attractive As A Man

wwWe’re not going to talk about silly things that you can do that might give you a little bit of short-term success with women. Nope. We are going to focus on things that will give you lasting, long-term success. You may be surprised at how simple some of these things are and yet, how effective they are as well.

So without any more hesitation, let’s talk about 4 ways that you can become more attractive as a man:

1. Let go of feeling like you have to compete with other guys in the dating game.

When you feel like you have to compete, you are inevitably going to feel like dating is tough and you are going to feel insecure. On the other hand, if you drop that feeling that you have to compete, a lot of insecurity and feeling like it is tough is going to just go away.

2. Have interesting things going on in your life.

Being boring just isn’t attractive. And yet, a lot of guys are pretty boring and they wonder why it seems like they can’t attract a woman. When you have

Why You Should Date A Foodie

upWell, let’s face it, being a foodie, in general, is awesome. But in today’s society it seems like everyone is a foodie. With the advent of food bloggers, and Instagram it seems everyone is now taking pictures of their food, and claiming to be a foodie. But just because you enjoy food, or blog about food, or take pictures of food, does that make you a foodie?

The difference between a “foodie” and a real foodie is actually quite simple. A real foodie doesn’t just enjoy going out for a bite to eat, they enjoy cooking and sharing their passion for food with others. To a real foodie, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s sensual. I’m serious, food to a foodie can be as good, or better than sex.

Foodies are in tune with their senses. They not only pay attention to the way a food tastes, but how it feels. Think about a french kiss. When you’re french kissing someone, you’re focused on the feeling of the other person’s tongue against yours in your mouth. A foodie can basically elicit the same kind of tactile

17 Tips to Become a Potential Boyfriend

etAre you looking for a girlfriend or do you want to know how to get a girlfriend? To get a girlfriend, it all comes down to your attractiveness and qualities as a potential boyfriend. It maybe impossible to turn yourself into a perfect boyfriend, but it is possible to come close to an ideal boyfriend most women are looking for. Here are some tips to help you become a potential boyfriend and have a better chance of succeeding in the dating arena.

Be trustworthy. Your future girlfriend will entrust you her physical and emotional being and if you are not trustworthy enough to take care of her emotionally and physically, you shouldn’t be dreaming of being her boyfriend. To be trusted, you have to be loyal and capable of sticking to one girl, meaning fidelity is a must if you want to be trusted. Showing qualities that you are a one woman man can help you become a potential boyfriend most women are looking for.

Know what you want and go for it. A man who can’t make decisions because he does not know what he

How to Make Sure Your Gorgeous Date Asks You Out Again

asAfter a long period being out of the dating scene twenty-nine year-old magazine editor Harriet was ready to try again. She had begun to feel the sap rising in her and met someone who was well dressed, had a wonderful voice and that chemistry that made her heart race. At last she was getting attention from someone she was attracted to rather than those other guys who couldn’t get girls and talked to her because she was ‘nice.’

Sitting across the table with thirty-two year old photographer Jerome was magic. He was so good-looking and suave, intelligent and worldly. Those features made Harriet feel like she was in good company and was somebody!

Her amber lights turned green making room for the relationship to flow.

But when he started asking questions about her to get to know her better, Harriet felt a tightening in her chest. She wanted to hold back and stay reserved. Too much information would make her vulnerable and he may judge her negatively and never see her again.

Red light #1: being reserved and holding back. Jerome felt the wall going up. He felt

The 9 Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out If He Is The One For You

dwLet’s be honest most women feel that they are at a disadvantage when dating men. Invariably dating is an enigma and we have no idea what we are doing. As much as we try to look like we know how to seduce men the reality is we are busting our butts to date with success.

Dating isn’t about getting a guy to like you, he should already like you – you are a Queen! Dating also isn’t about letting a man take the lead. You should take the reins and keep your cards close to your chest.

If you want to date a guy, you’re already attracted to him so all you need to do is assess if he is compatible with you. Below is a dating blue print to use to help you decipher if a guy is compatible with you.

Think about what questions you can use to

1 prove his trust

2 prove that he wants a relationship

3 prove that he wants kids (if you want kids)

4 prove that he is single

5 prove that he isn’t a mysoginyst

6 prove that he isn’t a criminal

7 prove

How to Ask A Woman Out On a Date

deThere is a simple secret to asking a woman out on a date that will not place a man in that kind of intimidating situation with the fear of rejection from her. In fact, this secret will increase the chance of getting a woman out on a date by 100%.

The secret is “DON’T ask her for a date”.

That’s right. Don’t ask for a date. If a man don’t ask a woman for a date, there is no chance that he will get rejected by the woman. Simple as that. Now, many will be scratching their head at this point. If we don’t ask a woman for a date, how are we supposed to date them?

Before answering that, let me quickly explain why it is a bad idea to ask a woman for a date. If a man ask for a date with a woman, it automatically triggers a defence mechanism in her. Her mind will go into overdrive, with all her thoughts whirling around. She will think about whether it is safe, whether the guy has other intentions, whether the date would be

What to Do and What Not to Do

ewDating is not just an art. It is an event. Dating can be a very special time for two people who have an interest in each other.

Dating begins as a “search and seek out mission” before it can evolve into something else. Both parties agree to look into who they are with to see if it goes any further.

Below are some does for dating;

1) Commit to having fun – be ready to laugh, smile and have a good time. A date can only get better if you both enjoy where you are and each other’s company. At the end of the date it would be great if you both could smile and be glad you were together.

2) Commit to keeping it light – stay away from heavy discussions (so what happened to cause your divorce? How did it feel losing your parents in that car accident?). The reason you want it light is you are still feeling each other out. You have not invested enough into your date’s emotional bank to make a heavy emotional withdrawal. The only way to get into deep conversations

He’s Smitten With You

35As women we can’t help to think about the future especially when we click and connect with someone. Don’t know if it has to do with us being emotional or the chick-flick movies in which portray a love story that seems too good to be true. There are many women that are hopeless romantics and can’t help but play out their lives with someone that can be “the one”. Then again, there is nothing like meeting someone and having those butterflies in which you can only hope never go away- but lets face it we all know that it will; unless it’s true and unconditional love (I mean that’s the hopeless romantic in me… lol).

The one thing about guys is that if they like you and want something of substance with you they will make it known. Don’t be fooled, actions speak louder than words. They will do whatever it takes to make you their girlfriend once they know they have a keeper. It’s easier for them not to get overly consumed with a woman unless she has made an impression. Women tend

Characteristics and Peculiarities

ftWhen people buy a food processor, they want it to cook the dough for baking, crush meat, squeeze juice, and many other functions. They also want it not to rust and always be as good as new. If it were possible, then it would be great if it washes!

The Ukrainian woman is like a food processor: she is versatile, yet manages to look good and not to grow old. This article provides TOP 10 advantages the Ukrainian women have.

    1. Self-care. The Ukrainian woman looks after herself. This is an integral part of her daily regimen. In addition, in Ukraine, the hairdresser service costs about $10. In Western countries, feminism and emancipation are not empty words. The European woman does not bother herself with the idea to keep fit and to be attractive. She will choose a husband what she wants because in Europe women are fewer than men. At the same time, the European man must take care of himself, be skilled, earn well, and provide the desired standard of living for his second half.


    1. Self-criticism. She is too self-critical. This is not because of the

Decide Which One You Want To Be

rThe title might be a bit misleading because there are definitely more than 2 types of men in this world. There is the passive man, the proactive man and then those that fall in between. However, the important thing is to recognise which type of man you are and what is the difference between the two types. Read on to decide which type of man you are and want to become.

The passive man is most likely to be the introverted man. The passive man is someone like Bob. Bob is just an average guy. He works nine to five, comes home and eats dinner, watch TV and sleep at night ready to go to work the next day. He hangs out with his friends occasionally and hopes to get lucky with women sometimes.

Bob does not seek out ways to be in control and takes charge of his life. Bob is overly concerned with protecting his own self-image and is satisfied easily with his life as he does not want to change. He is afraid of change. Bob meets the occasional woman and once

Why You Should Consider a Transgender Relationship

frThere is a deep prejudice in the dating sphere when it comes to dating Trans-women. Some men are outright hostile to Trans-women even being in the dating market.

This post does not aim to shout at all the haters or show them the folly of their ways. In matters of heart, it is like Woody Allen said, “The heart wants what it wants.” This post, however, asks the men to take a step back and to see what they are missing out on; this post asks men to consider a different possibility, make up their own mind, and not be an automaton that has been programmed by society.

Firstly, it has to be understood that Trans-women are not gay or homosexual. This is an understandable misconception, but a folly nonetheless. Trans-women are women inside. They do not feel like a man, and due to modern medical technology can have the body of a highly desirable young woman. Gays are men or women who are attracted to the same sex. This is different from Trans-women as they consider themselves women, and their identity has nothing to

3 Reasons Why She Will Not Go With You On A Date

dfThis is for all those guys out there who don’t even have an idea why they are constantly being rejected by a girl. If you really want to land on a date, it’s time to realize what is wrong and start changing yourself. Girls are quite particular with their partners. It’s either you don’t have the qualities that they are looking for or simply put… you are not extending any effort. Women don’t want guys who make them feel unimportant. What’s the point of dating a girl if you don’t intend to love her?

Assuming that you are after a serious relationship with the girl you are about to date, here are some “must-knows” for guys who are completely oblivious to their flaws.

She has no idea that you are courting her.

Girls can be naive too, especially those who are quite close to guys. If you are planning to court your best friend, the first thing you have to do is clarify what you feel towards her. Do not rush things. An immediate change of your treatment towards her might scare the girl to the

Dating Relationship Secrets That Work

efwA new relationship is often at its sweetest. It is full of infatuation and new growing love for each other. Couples are usually oblivious of each other’s faults at this stage and obvious faults are simply passed up. You let time take its unique course and slowly, you start seeing each other’s imperfections.

These imperfections, when managed well by the both of you can make the relationship stronger than you can ever imagine. Then again, such is a very ideal situation and most of the time, mature relationships can pull this off. For many of those who belong in a new relationship and are just starting to learn the ropes, they start looking for what many would like to call “tips & secrets” to help them pave the way to a relationship that would last them a lifetime.

To every one of us who wants to stay for good with our partners, we are all willing to do just about anything to make it possible. However, to start with, you have to make it clear to yourself that there are no such thing as secrets

A Date Under the Stars

sWhen the sun starts to set and the earth is enclosed with darkness, the moon and stars appear to illuminate the black sky. There is something magical and enchanting with these celestial bodies, deeming it as a perfect time to meet with the most important person in your life. With all the hustle and bustle throughout the morning, you would need a place of serenity to keep you away from all the physical and mental pressures. Nightfall will smoothly give you the classic date setting that you have been yearning for.

A date is a special moment you spend with your beloved. It is only fitting that you choose an excellent spot to celebrate it. At dusk, the stars will become your romantic scenery. To ensure that both of you get to enjoy the evening, you can turn to these 3 date ideas.

Movies in the Park

In Newcastle Australia, couples love to visit King Edward Park as they offer free movies for everyone. While watching the film, the sun and moon will make a brilliant backdrop. You just have to get that blanket and popcorn

Secrets to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams For Marriage Even If You Are Not Rich or Handsome

eeThe human is made for partnership and relationship; even the Holy Book of Christians confirmed it in the book of Genesis 2:18, that “it is not good for a man to be alone… ” This in actual fact forms the basis for human’s yearn for relationship, especially relationship with the opposite sex, since the opposite gender is the befitting life partner for the man or the woman.

From time immemorial, both the man and the woman develop attraction for each other and such attraction is fundamental and central to their love relationships. Several factors can be responsible for development of such attraction, ranging from physical appearance of the other person to his/her economic stability and other traits related to behaviours and conducts.

The woman may not have problem attracting the man if she is the beautiful, attractive and mentally matured type with a touch of good upbringing. The man on the other hand does not find things so easy. The man may have girls flocking around him if he is handsome, physically fit and financially buoyant. This in a way puts men not having all

The Best Way To Prove A Guy Is Compatible With You

wqSo you’ve met a guy or perhaps there’s a few on your roster – that’s the way to do it. Anyway you’re attracted to one guy in particular, so you don’t need to assess if there is a physical attraction or perhaps even an emotional one on your part because you know it already. The thing is, if you want to seduce this guy a big part of your success in doing that is determined by whether or not he is into you, whether or not you push his buttons and finally what this article is mainly about and that is if in fact he makes the grade.

Women need to date more like how men do. Men are more logical in their approach to dating than women tend to be. After deciding if you actually want to get to know this guy – you actually need to get to know him! So many women think they are getting to know the men they date but all they are getting to know is the front he is putting on just like the front that