3 Reasons Why She Will Not Go With You On A Date

dfThis is for all those guys out there who don’t even have an idea why they are constantly being rejected by a girl. If you really want to land on a date, it’s time to realize what is wrong and start changing yourself. Girls are quite particular with their partners. It’s either you don’t have the qualities that they are looking for or simply put… you are not extending any effort. Women don’t want guys who make them feel unimportant. What’s the point of dating a girl if you don’t intend to love her?

Assuming that you are after a serious relationship with the girl you are about to date, here are some “must-knows” for guys who are completely oblivious to their flaws.

She has no idea that you are courting her.

Girls can be naive too, especially those who are quite close to guys. If you are planning to court your best friend, the first thing you have to do is clarify what you feel towards her. Do not rush things. An immediate change of your treatment towards her might scare the girl to the extent that she would choose not to go with you on a date.

Slowly reveal your feelings to her and do not add pressure on her shoulders. Remember that in the first place, she thought you were just a friend. She might feel betrayed with your prompt declaration of love since she expected you to value your friendship. You need to be honest about everything. Reassure her that whatever her decision will be, your friendship will remain the same.

You are too unique for her taste.

Okay, your approach might be way too weird. You frighten her and she thinks you are a pervert and you might eat her alive. Sorry for the procrastination but before you attempt to even talk to a girl, check yourself in the mirror first. Indeed, looks don’t matter in a relationship but they do play a vital part in making first impressions.

Don’t shock her with a direct invitation on a date. Get to know her first. You can bring her some fascinating flowers or buy her some chocolates to erase her bitterness against you. This is not solely for her purpose but also for you to examine closely if she is indeed worthy of your time. Talk to her friends and discover what she is fond of. This will help you determine if you are actually compatible with each other. Compatibility is an important thing to consider if you want things between you to work out.

She’s not ready to go in a relationship.

If you have used up all your hidden gimmicks just to make her say “yes” on a date but the answer is always negative, there must be something wrong with her. Involve her in a serious conversation and ask her if you absolutely have no chance of winning her heart. Be straight to the point, going around in circles will only prolong your agony. If she assures you that you are a good guy but instantly provides you with meaningless alibis, no doubt, she is just not ready for a relationship. For all you know, the previous guy who has courted her might have broken her heart into pieces and she is not yet finished fixing them back together. In short, she has still not moved on. She still needs time and space to recover what she has lost before she could give you the love that you deserve.

Women, in general, are very complicated. It takes time and patience to completely understand them. Be constant in your effort of showing her your love. Soon, without you knowing it, she will eventually agree to your most awaited date.

Dating Relationship Secrets That Work

efwA new relationship is often at its sweetest. It is full of infatuation and new growing love for each other. Couples are usually oblivious of each other’s faults at this stage and obvious faults are simply passed up. You let time take its unique course and slowly, you start seeing each other’s imperfections.

These imperfections, when managed well by the both of you can make the relationship stronger than you can ever imagine. Then again, such is a very ideal situation and most of the time, mature relationships can pull this off. For many of those who belong in a new relationship and are just starting to learn the ropes, they start looking for what many would like to call “tips & secrets” to help them pave the way to a relationship that would last them a lifetime.

To every one of us who wants to stay for good with our partners, we are all willing to do just about anything to make it possible. However, to start with, you have to make it clear to yourself that there are no such thing as secrets or tips. Every couple is different from each other and you, together with your lover, are the only ones who know how you can make it work.

Here are several factors that should be present in your relationship in order not to lose it.


In any type of relationship, it is usually the smallest or unnoticed thing that makes the miracle. Love is not something that you or your loved one should ask for. Wherever you go and whatever you do, love should always be there even in the little things that you do. This is not something that you can force yourself to do. If you really are in love with your significant other, it will simply show.


Trust always go hand in hand with love. One simply would not exist without the other. Just like love, this one shows naturally if the love you have for your significant other is true. This is not something that you can control whether it should go to the right or the left, it just happens and it will show.


One of the usual mistakes committed by lovers to each other is taking for granted kindness. It is not a secret that you love each other and are willing to understand what needed understanding as best as you can. However, this is not an excuse so you can use the meanest words and actions you can utter and hurt your loved one. If you truly love him or her, be kind in treating them.


Respect is a kind of wisdom that one earns through experience and age, not just when one becomes in love. However, don’t think that just because you are young and in love, you are already excused not to respect your loved one. You should always try to respect your lover in your own little way because love without respect is anything but love. You learn by practicing and what better way to learn respect by practicing on making your loved ones feel respected as best as you can?

If you can try to incorporate these factors in your relationship, rest assured that you will be met with endless possibilities as you continue the journey with your love one and who know, you might be finally in for a lifetime of love.

A Date Under the Stars

sWhen the sun starts to set and the earth is enclosed with darkness, the moon and stars appear to illuminate the black sky. There is something magical and enchanting with these celestial bodies, deeming it as a perfect time to meet with the most important person in your life. With all the hustle and bustle throughout the morning, you would need a place of serenity to keep you away from all the physical and mental pressures. Nightfall will smoothly give you the classic date setting that you have been yearning for.

A date is a special moment you spend with your beloved. It is only fitting that you choose an excellent spot to celebrate it. At dusk, the stars will become your romantic scenery. To ensure that both of you get to enjoy the evening, you can turn to these 3 date ideas.

Movies in the Park

In Newcastle Australia, couples love to visit King Edward Park as they offer free movies for everyone. While watching the film, the sun and moon will make a brilliant backdrop. You just have to get that blanket and popcorn ready for the complete enjoyment of the show. You could also bring a picnic basket to assure that both of you are full before you turn you focus on the movie. You may want to consider bringing an extra blanket or jacket in case one gets cold.

Alfresco Dinner

Look for a suitable location for an outdoor meal, preferably one that involves not having a roof over your heads so that you can enjoy the view by the stars. Of course, you also have to check the weather to avoid ruining your delicious dinner. Use the natural setting outside as the reference of your dining place. Make sure that you are comfortable with your seats so that you’ll be able to relish most out of it. Converse with each other and point out some constellations while enjoying your sumptuous food.


Prepare for an adventure. Grab that tent and all other necessities like food, water, and insect repellent. Together with your loved one, this is a great opportunity to be one with nature. Camping is also an inexpensive alternative to a traditional date in a fancy restaurant. You will probably enjoy activities like rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and much more. It is also an awesome getaway from all the noise and stress of the city. Sleeping in the fresh air allows you to unwind in the comforts of the natural environment.

Secrets to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams For Marriage Even If You Are Not Rich or Handsome

eeThe human is made for partnership and relationship; even the Holy Book of Christians confirmed it in the book of Genesis 2:18, that “it is not good for a man to be alone… ” This in actual fact forms the basis for human’s yearn for relationship, especially relationship with the opposite sex, since the opposite gender is the befitting life partner for the man or the woman.

From time immemorial, both the man and the woman develop attraction for each other and such attraction is fundamental and central to their love relationships. Several factors can be responsible for development of such attraction, ranging from physical appearance of the other person to his/her economic stability and other traits related to behaviours and conducts.

The woman may not have problem attracting the man if she is the beautiful, attractive and mentally matured type with a touch of good upbringing. The man on the other hand does not find things so easy. The man may have girls flocking around him if he is handsome, physically fit and financially buoyant. This in a way puts men not having all or some of the features mentioned above at a disadvantage.

Be that as it may, you can still attract hot and successful female partners even if you are not as physically fit and muscular as Rich Froning Jr. or as rich as Evan Spiegel or as handsome as Omar Borkan Al Gala. This write up is put together to teach you how to bring your dream of striking a long lasting relationship with a successful partner to reality.

What do you want? The first step is to know exactly the qualities you want in that lady. Make a list and stay glued to your list. However, do not be too rigid with the list’s contents; some flexibility will be good considering the fact that no one is perfect. While being flexible with your considerations, you should insist on some non negotiable factors too. Do you just want a successful partner or a successful and beautiful damsel? Never forget these considerations.

Where do you go? Where you visit goes a long way to determine what you get. Mix with the successful and your chance of attracting successful ladies will be higher. Your place of work, your place of relaxation and such things determine if you are able to meet successful women or not. Many successful women are very busy during the week, but they spare time for fun and relaxation mostly during the weekends.

One of the places they frequent during weekends is the gym. They need to keep fit and they usually visit the gym during weekends to achieve this goal. Registering at a gym will not cost you an arm and a leg and it is a sure fire way to meet many successful women. Do not forget that attraction development between you and them begins with meeting and communicating with them.

What do you have? A woman loves her man to be handsome, attractive, muscular and have financial security. Most successful women on the other hand look beyond these things. They love men with brain and those men who demonstrate mental superiority. They love a man who can challenge them mentally and contribute meaningfully to a conversation and who can keep conversations going in the most interesting and engaging manners. She is almost always busy and she wants her man to make her laugh and happy during the little time she has for such “frivolities”. A funny man who can communicate intelligently will therefore score very high on her attraction scale.

What do you think of her career? A successful woman had dedicated, is dedicating and will continue to dedicate her life and time to her career. She will of course want her man to do the same. She gets easily attracted to a man that respects her career and knows one or two things about her career. She will be tempted most times to bring her career into discussions and she will appreciate a man that does not look lost when she brings such up. While she may not expect you to know everything about everything, she would love you to know something about everything, especially about her career. She will therefore find you the perfect discussion partner when she gets bored or disturbed or just wants to pipe down some.

Do you have a life? While the successful woman may be more particular about your disposition and intelligence than your economic prowess, she will love a man that has a life. She wants to be identified with a man that has a job and takes life serious, even if he is neither extremely handsome nor stinkingly rich. She is serious about life and will never feel a thing for an un-serious fellow without a life or focus. She may not care much how rich or handsome you are, but she will care so much on how focused you are on your goals and aspirations in life.

Be yourself: The best favour you can ever do yourself is to be yourself. Most successful women are very intelligent and they can easily detect a pretender and liar. They easily get attracted to men who are genuine and confident, rather than pretenders who use pickup lines.