4 Ways To Become More Attractive As A Man

wwWe’re not going to talk about silly things that you can do that might give you a little bit of short-term success with women. Nope. We are going to focus on things that will give you lasting, long-term success. You may be surprised at how simple some of these things are and yet, how effective they are as well.

So without any more hesitation, let’s talk about 4 ways that you can become more attractive as a man:

1. Let go of feeling like you have to compete with other guys in the dating game.

When you feel like you have to compete, you are inevitably going to feel like dating is tough and you are going to feel insecure. On the other hand, if you drop that feeling that you have to compete, a lot of insecurity and feeling like it is tough is going to just go away.

2. Have interesting things going on in your life.

Being boring just isn’t attractive. And yet, a lot of guys are pretty boring and they wonder why it seems like they can’t attract a woman. When you have interesting things going on, that’s going to make you seem more interesting and when you seem more interesting – you seem more attractive.

3. Get used to socializing with women more often.

Look back on the past 30 days. Outside of family, co-workers, and service employees that have to deal with the public – How many women have you socialized with. A lot of guys, when they eliminate family, co-workers and waitress and clerks, the answer is either 0 or 1 or 2. You don’t want that. You want to get used to socializing with women on a regular basis.

4. Focus on being happier more often.

I remember talking to a guy who was angry all the time. And he wanted to know why he had a hard time attracting women. And part of the problem was the obvious fact that he came across as being miserable and full of anger. Who’d want to hang out with a guy like that? When you are happier more often, you’ll find that it becomes easier to attract women.

Are these the only 4 ways to become more attractive as a man? No. But they are things that most guys don’t focus on. And that’s why you want to focus on them. If you do the opposite of what most men do, you are pretty much on the way to getting better results.