How To Know If Your Relationship Is Real Or Just A Fling

meMen don’t walk around with a sign on their head that says, “Date me.” It would be nice if they were that obvious, but they aren’t. They aren’t mind readers or psychics. Can you imagine how easy dating would be if they were? But, if they care about you, they try to show you with cute little gestures. If you’re wondering if your relationship is real, follow these 5 rules and you should know!

1. Dinner Time

Does your man plan exciting dinners? You know, like a real dinner date? If he puts in the effort to look nice and takes you to a romantic restaurant, you’re in luck. He wants to date you!

2. Let’s Cuddle

After you’ve been intimate, does your man cuddle with you or just go to sleep? Cuddling is a sign that he cares about you. It’s his subtle way of letting his guard down and being vulnerable. If he just passes out, it’s time to get the hint that things aren’t ever going to be serious.

3. Hey Parents

Has your man mentioned meeting his family? Meeting the parentals is a big step. It means your man has feelings for you and wants his parents to get to know you. Anything involving the parents is a step in the right direction. So if your man invites you to spend time with his family, get excited, because you’re in this for the long run.

4. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Women love flowers. They smell pretty and radiate happiness. If your man is giving you flowers, he’s into you. A man only gives a woman flowers if he really likes her. So, if you’ve received a beautiful bouquet at your home or office, your relationship is real.

5. Surprise, Honey!

When a man likes a woman, he wants to see her smile. He does anything possible to brighten her day. If your man has been surprising you with sweet little gestures, he’s trying to show you that he’s crushing on you.

As women we make our own destiny. We’re too important to waste our time with men that don’t care about us. If your man isn’t doing any of these things, it’s time to realize he isn’t the one for you. Just remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Best Qualities Of Successful Daters

e4Dating may have its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you’re out there in the first place. If it’s love you’re after, you should spend time with someone who will give you want you want. Remember: You deserve only the best. So what’s the most important thing to remember while you’re out meeting new people on your quest for love? Stay true to yourself!

What Do You Want?

The first step in being a successful dater is identifying what you want. If you want to date your dream mate, go for it. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Trust your instincts because you know yourself and what type of person you’re attracted to.

No Settling

Don’t put any effort into a situation if you know it won’t make you happy. When you’re dating, you have to be aware of what you want. Be true to yourself and who you want to date. If you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend but you’re hanging out with someone who can’t commit, don’t go out with them again. It’s a waste of your time and theirs.

Don’t Accept A Challenge

Guess what? It’s not only men who love a good challenge. Women do, too! If you meet someone who says they don’t want to be in a relationship right now, listen to them. Don’t turn them into your pet project. They aren’t going to change. Instead, get involved with someone who wants to be with you.

Love Yourself

When you realize how fabulous you are, other people will, too. In order for other people to love you, first you have to love yourself. Dating is only fun if you realize how great you are. Don’t forget that you’re a catch and you should be with someone who realizes how special you are.

Be Yourself

When some people meet someone they like, they forget to be themselves. Instead, they try to turn into what they think is someone else’s ideal match. This isn’t healthy. Instead of turning into an actor or actress, be yourself. Regardless of how good your acting skills are, your true self will come out eventually. So remember that honesty is the best policy and you deserve to be with anyone you want.

What Men Should Know

menMany men are confident and know their way around women and this is an advantage and a skill they can use to succeed in dating women. Unfortunately, there are men who lack confidence and so shy that they cannot express themselves around women and so they end up dateless and loveless. For these men, knowing how to beat their shyness around women is important for them to have the relationship they’ve always wanted with their dream woman.

So how to beat your shyness around women?

Decide to do something to conquer your shyness around women. The first thing to do is to make a decision that you will act and do something to beat your shyness around women. If you want to have a good job will you just sit there and wait? Or will you go out and do something to get that job you really want? Anything you want can be achieved by making a plan and taking action whether it is in your professional life or in your personal life. If you want something in your life, you have to do something and go for it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get over your shyness around women.

Pretend you are confident. Building confidence is one of the secrets of beating shyness around women. The thing about building confidence is that you have to start somewhere and pretending or acting as if you are confident is a good start. You don’t have to be really confident from the outset but you have to learn to appear and act as if you are confident. Start with your appearance. Be a good dresser, always practice good posture, stand and walk taller and maintain eye contact. If you act like a confident man, people including the opposite sex will start to recognize you as a confident person which can help you gain more confidence that eventually you will find yourself not pretending anymore.

Practice approaching women. If you are the shy type, approaching women is nerve-wracking. You’ll get anxious, palm sweating and butterflies in your stomach but if you really want to conquer your shyness around women, you have to take the first step and do it. There is no especial formula in approaching women but to keep doing it. Sure you will experience rejections and failures many times because of your shyness but if you want to beat your shyness around women, you have to keep doing it until you became comfortable approaching women. The more practice you have in approaching women, the less nervous you’ll become. Remember that real failure is not about trying and failing, real failure is about not even trying. Having the courage to approach a woman and say hello whatever the outcome is already a success. Who knows if in one of those tries you’ll meet the one woman who will become your lifetime partner? You’ll be missing a lot of opportunities by not trying.

Talk to people more. Another secret to overcome your shyness around women is to put yourself out there and be more sociable. Talk to people more, not only to the opposite sex but also to men, older people and people of your age group. The more people you talk to, the less pressure you’ll feel and the more confident you’ll become in talking to everyone including women. Get yourself out there and become a more sociable person.

Exercise and keep yourself healthy and fit. Shyness around women can stem from being not too confident and happy with your body and your looks. People usually feel confident when they like what they see in the mirror. Hit the gym and exercise regularly to shed off those unwanted pounds and beer belly. Adapt a healthy lifestyle, keep yourself active and fit. If you are happy with your looks, it will boost your confidence and you will be more motivated to work on conquering your shyness around women.

Realize that women are people too. It is important to realize that you are not the only one who are struggling from shyness. Women can be as shy and nervous as you are around the opposite sex. So there is no reason for you to feel threatened and afraid to approach or talk to women. You can even help each other beat each other’s shyness and become comfortable with each other.

Shyness is a habit that puts limitations on what you could have or achieve in your life. It may be a habit formed in your childhood or it started at some point in your life for whatever reason and it became a part of you. The good thing is that habits can be unlearned and changed. You can train your brain and your body to acquire new habits that are beneficial to you and can help you achieve that things you passionately want in your life. Don’t let shyness get the best of you and stop struggling from shyness.

Tips Women Should Know

woDivorce can have a lasting effect in one’s life and dating again after divorce can be challenging. When you first got divorced, the trauma of a failed marriage prevented you from thinking about another relationship. But after being alone for quite some time, you are thinking about dating again but you have no idea how and where to start. Here are some tips that can be very helpful in dating again after divorce.

Make sure you are ready. Do not rush and make sure that you have given yourself enough time to heal from the pain of divorce. It is not wise to jump right back in the dating scene not knowing if you are really ready to date again. You have to be emotionally stable and mentally ready to date again and enter a new relationship.

Make a decision to move on. If you feel that you are ready to date again, make a decision to move on. Do not let the past interfere with your present and your future. Dating again after divorce can be very hard if you will not make the decision to move on. Leave the past behind and move forward with your life. You’ve learned from your mistakes and you deserve a second chance at love.

Improve your looks. If you want to date again, you cannot avoid upgrading your looks. Let’s face it, you’ve been out of the dating market for so long and you’ve been through the hell of divorce. You’ve been through a lot and your looks may not be the same as it used to be when you were younger. You have to look at the mirror to see what you need to improve. Do you need a new hair style? Do you need a new set of wardrobe? When was the last time you went to a salon or bought new clothes? Improving your looks doesn’t have to be costly, you just have to be realistic that you need to spend a little more to look good. Improving your looks doesn’t mean you are changing who you are but you are just transforming to a better version of yourself. You need to gain confidence before dating again after divorce. You will be more confident to go out on a date if you are happy with your looks and you know that you look great.

Be more interesting. Most men are attracted to women who are interesting. Learn new things to be more interesting. Perhaps your married life before prevented you from pursuing something you are passionate about like photography, arts, learning a musical instrument etc. Now is the perfect time to get yourself busy with photography class, art class or guitar lessons. People who have skills and creative are more interesting. Of course you have to make sure that you really enjoy doing those things because nothing is more attractive than a woman who enjoys what she’s doing.

Go out. If you want to date again but you still spend day-offs and weekends at home, nothing will change. Good things will not start happening unless you go out and be visible again. Meet your friends again and go out. By being visible again outside, it is an announcement that you are on the market again and ready to date.

Be clear with what you want. Do you want a serious relationship or do you want to just date and hang out? Dating again after divorce is not that hard if you know what you want. It is also fair to let the other person know what to expect. Knowing what you want will also help you find the kind of guy you are looking for a date.

Do not be judgmental. If you saw something quite familiar that reminds you of your ex, avoid being judgmental. Avoid comparing your date from your ex-husband. Give your date a chance for you to know him better. Be open-minded and remember that no two individuals are the same and every person is different.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Going on a date for the first time again after a really long time can be scary. You do not know how the dating rules have changed and you do not know how it is to go out again with a guy. Do not let those fears and worries over-empower you. Dating again after divorce doesn’t mean you have to try so hard. Do not be too hard on yourself, just be yourself and enjoy the date. So what if it is not a perfect date, no date is perfect anyway. Just enjoy the moment and treat every date as a learning process that will help you get comfortable again in the dating scene.

Divorce can make you think that something is not right with you. The thing is, nothing is wrong with you and you are not alone. There are many divorced women who were able to move on and enjoy married life again.

4 Ways To Become More Attractive As A Man

wwWe’re not going to talk about silly things that you can do that might give you a little bit of short-term success with women. Nope. We are going to focus on things that will give you lasting, long-term success. You may be surprised at how simple some of these things are and yet, how effective they are as well.

So without any more hesitation, let’s talk about 4 ways that you can become more attractive as a man:

1. Let go of feeling like you have to compete with other guys in the dating game.

When you feel like you have to compete, you are inevitably going to feel like dating is tough and you are going to feel insecure. On the other hand, if you drop that feeling that you have to compete, a lot of insecurity and feeling like it is tough is going to just go away.

2. Have interesting things going on in your life.

Being boring just isn’t attractive. And yet, a lot of guys are pretty boring and they wonder why it seems like they can’t attract a woman. When you have interesting things going on, that’s going to make you seem more interesting and when you seem more interesting – you seem more attractive.

3. Get used to socializing with women more often.

Look back on the past 30 days. Outside of family, co-workers, and service employees that have to deal with the public – How many women have you socialized with. A lot of guys, when they eliminate family, co-workers and waitress and clerks, the answer is either 0 or 1 or 2. You don’t want that. You want to get used to socializing with women on a regular basis.

4. Focus on being happier more often.

I remember talking to a guy who was angry all the time. And he wanted to know why he had a hard time attracting women. And part of the problem was the obvious fact that he came across as being miserable and full of anger. Who’d want to hang out with a guy like that? When you are happier more often, you’ll find that it becomes easier to attract women.

Are these the only 4 ways to become more attractive as a man? No. But they are things that most guys don’t focus on. And that’s why you want to focus on them. If you do the opposite of what most men do, you are pretty much on the way to getting better results.

Why You Should Date A Foodie

upWell, let’s face it, being a foodie, in general, is awesome. But in today’s society it seems like everyone is a foodie. With the advent of food bloggers, and Instagram it seems everyone is now taking pictures of their food, and claiming to be a foodie. But just because you enjoy food, or blog about food, or take pictures of food, does that make you a foodie?

The difference between a “foodie” and a real foodie is actually quite simple. A real foodie doesn’t just enjoy going out for a bite to eat, they enjoy cooking and sharing their passion for food with others. To a real foodie, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s sensual. I’m serious, food to a foodie can be as good, or better than sex.

Foodies are in tune with their senses. They not only pay attention to the way a food tastes, but how it feels. Think about a french kiss. When you’re french kissing someone, you’re focused on the feeling of the other person’s tongue against yours in your mouth. A foodie can basically elicit the same kind of tactile response from the food they eat.

Are you jealous yet? Think about it. Eating, and really enjoying food, is an act that involves all of your senses. You see the food, you smell the food, you taste the food, and you feel the food in your mouth and in your body.

Sharing food with others is also really important to real foodies. You don’t just want to enjoy the food, but you want others to enjoy it as much as you do. As a result, most foodies cook just as much (if not more so) as they go out to eat. Trying to recreate a dish at home, and adding your own personal touches to it can be equally enjoyable, if not more so than the original experience. In this aspect the foodie adds a kinesthetic element to food, that the “foodie” usually overlooks.

Seriously, I love food, and I love sharing the food that I cook with others. Especially when I get groans of pleasure from them after they take their first bite of food. As resident foodie, I’m excited to start sharing my journey with food with our readers. I’m going to start sharing recipes, and start challenging myself by trying out new recipes. I have “The Joy of Cooking”, Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”, an entire book on sauces, and a candy making book that I’m itching to open, play with and share with you. Bon Appetit!

17 Tips to Become a Potential Boyfriend

etAre you looking for a girlfriend or do you want to know how to get a girlfriend? To get a girlfriend, it all comes down to your attractiveness and qualities as a potential boyfriend. It maybe impossible to turn yourself into a perfect boyfriend, but it is possible to come close to an ideal boyfriend most women are looking for. Here are some tips to help you become a potential boyfriend and have a better chance of succeeding in the dating arena.

Be trustworthy. Your future girlfriend will entrust you her physical and emotional being and if you are not trustworthy enough to take care of her emotionally and physically, you shouldn’t be dreaming of being her boyfriend. To be trusted, you have to be loyal and capable of sticking to one girl, meaning fidelity is a must if you want to be trusted. Showing qualities that you are a one woman man can help you become a potential boyfriend most women are looking for.

Know what you want and go for it. A man who can’t make decisions because he does not know what he wants is a big turn off. Indecisiveness is not a good trait for a boyfriend. Knowing what you want and taking actions are very attractive traits. For instance, if you really want a relationship, you put yourself out there and let her know that you are interested not just as a friend but as a boyfriend. Of course there is a chance you’ll get rejected but a man who knows what he wants is not afraid to take risks just because he’s afraid of losing. Not taking a step forward or taking a risk on something you want will not get you anywhere. You will remain unnoticed unless you take a step forward and do something. To be a potential boyfriend you must know what you want and you must do something about it.

You are not insecure and you know your worth. Not knowing your worth or not putting importance to yourself could make it hard for you to find a girlfriend. No one wants to have an insecure boyfriend. You have to love yourself first to be able to love others. A man who knows his worth is more confident and this is an admirable trait especially to the opposite sex. Most women are drawn to confident and secured men.

Be compassionate and caring. A compassionate and caring person is not selfish. He has a heart that cares for others. Women are naturally caring and compassionate and they have a soft spot for men who are kindhearted and concerned to the welfare of not only his family and friends but also the well-being of other people. To become a potential boyfriend, you have to be caring and compassionate.

Be honest. No one wants a relationship based on lies so to become a potential boyfriend, you have to be honest from the start. Do not pretend to be someone you are not just to impress her. Be yourself and be honest from the start and that is a good trait women are looking for.

Be chivalrous. In this modern generation, most men behave too modern that they often lack the “gentleman” qualities that men should normally have. Being a boyfriend even in this new generation requires you to act as a gentleman so being more chivalrous can help you secure a spot to become a potential boyfriend. No matter what generation it is, being chivalrous melts women’s heart. Simple chivalrous acts like opening the door for her, pulling a chair, protecting her while walking on the streets, pick her up or walk her home, putting gloves on her hands or jacket on her shoulder when she’s cold, etc. goes a long way. Women can be independent but that doesn’t mean they do not want to be treated like ladies. Those little courtly acts can make a woman feel she’s special and can make her want you as a boyfriend.

Be generous. Being generous is not only about giving lavish gifts. If you can afford it, then by all means shower her with gifts but generosity also means giving your time, love and affection abundantly. Showing your love may include spending on gifts or dates but it doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you can afford to show your generosity. It is good that a woman is aware that you are willing to spend on her but always remember that it’s the thoughts that counts.

You are open to compromise. A relationship won’t work if you don’t know how to find the middle ground and compromise. Showing that you are not close-minded and that you are open to compromise on issues or things that you both cannot see each other eye-to-eye, makes you a potential boyfriend.

You are willing to open up. Most men are aloof and most women find it appealing at first but if you keep putting up walls that seems hard to break, it could push women away. It may be true that men want their own space but there are times that men should also open up. People including women will open up more to you if you are willing to open up too. To become a potential boyfriend, be more open and let her in.

You should be reliable. A woman should feel secure when you are around because you are a reliable man. You are consistent and always do what you said you’ll do. If you said you’ll show up on a specific time then show up on time. Reliability is one of the traits most women are looking for a potential boyfriend.

You are serious and not just playing games. Most women are looking for a boyfriend who do not want to play games so they are looking for someone for keeps. If you just want women for fun, do not look for a girlfriend or a relationship. Most women looking for a boyfriend want a real relationship and if you are serious, then you can be a potential boyfriend.

You are someone who takes your future seriously. Most women do not want an easy go lucky guy but they aspire for a boyfriend who takes his future seriously. To become a potential boyfriend you must have future goals, have a career and financially secured. You can support yourself and of course your future partner. If you are looking for a girlfriend, of course you have the time to invest in the relationship despite your focus on your career or else your girlfriend will suffer if you end up putting her last on your list.

Don’t expect physical intimacy too soon. To become a potential boyfriend, you must be patient. Do not expect to get laid on the first or second date but wait until she’s ready or until the time is right. A man who is prepared for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship patiently waits and respects a woman’s reserved nature. By patiently waiting, it proves that sex is not your primary intention but you actually want a relationship and willing to wait until she’s ready.

Be a good listener. Listen closely when she’s talking and let her know that you are really listening. Remember even the small details about her. Most men often think that women are big talkers and they do not think that it’s worth listening to everything they say. Let her know that you are different and that you know how to listen. Making eye contact while listening to her can help you make emotional connections with her. Most women want to be heard and they want a boyfriend who knows how to listen.

Show interest on her passion. Like most men, women also want their man to show interest on what they do. A man who truly wants a relationship with a woman is also interested on everything about her including her job, hobbies and her passion. Showing support and interest on things important to her can help you become a potential boyfriend.

Become friends with her family and friends. Most women consider the opinion of their families and close friends regarding relationships. It is best to become friends with people close to her to have a solid back up and to prove that you are serious and sincere with your intentions. Taking into consideration the important roles of her family and friends on her relationships can help you become a potential boyfriend.

Always be positive. Many men encountered rejections after rejections before finding the one destined for them. Do not be too hard on yourself. Think that another rejection makes you one step closer to finding the one right for you. Enjoy the experience of dating and you will eventually find the one for you.

How to Make Sure Your Gorgeous Date Asks You Out Again

asAfter a long period being out of the dating scene twenty-nine year-old magazine editor Harriet was ready to try again. She had begun to feel the sap rising in her and met someone who was well dressed, had a wonderful voice and that chemistry that made her heart race. At last she was getting attention from someone she was attracted to rather than those other guys who couldn’t get girls and talked to her because she was ‘nice.’

Sitting across the table with thirty-two year old photographer Jerome was magic. He was so good-looking and suave, intelligent and worldly. Those features made Harriet feel like she was in good company and was somebody!

Her amber lights turned green making room for the relationship to flow.

But when he started asking questions about her to get to know her better, Harriet felt a tightening in her chest. She wanted to hold back and stay reserved. Too much information would make her vulnerable and he may judge her negatively and never see her again.

Red light #1: being reserved and holding back. Jerome felt the wall going up. He felt coldness and his interest died off.

Harriet liked the compliments Jerome gave her about her looks, her hair and her poise. It turned her light from red to green and opened up the connection between them.

But at the same time she got a choking feeling in her throat that she was being set up to be his sexual conquest for the night so he could boast to his friends about how easy she was. The compliments turned into daggers which made her curl up her shoulders; put her hand over her face in an attempt to hide.

Red light #2: reacting to compliments as if they were threats. Jerome felt pushed back and at a loss as to how to relate to her.

Harriet loved the fact that he was knowledgeable about the music she loved and wanted to share his collections with her. Once again the red light turned green and her heart was open and excited.

But almost as soon as the light turned green and Jerome felt welcome Harriet felt a pain in her chest. It was as if she had been pierced in the ribs, and one of her lungs had been punctured. The idea of being in his place listening to his music collections made her feel like she was going to be doped and raped.

Red light #3: reacting to an invitation to share a mutual pleasure as a danger signal. Jerome felt punched in the face and could barely look at her for the rest of the evening.

Jerome didn’t ask her out again. He didn’t see her to her car. He didn’t suggest they stay in contact. He just said goodnight and went away.

Harriet was devastated. This gorgeous hunk wasn’t interested. He didn’t even ask if he could call her again. He left it all up to her. She felt cheated and upset that he wouldn’t take the initiative and ask for more dates.

Harriet gave so many red light signals to Jerome that he backed off. His interest and willingness to share, to compliment all went down like a ton of bricks after an initial burst of pleasure. He was hurt, confused and felt not good enough for Harriet.

So how can you get your date to ask you out again?

  1. Put your clear view 3D emotional lens on when you go out on a date.
  2. Use the lens to zoom in on all your feelings as they come up.
  3. Check to see whether those feelings fit the current situation or are just relics of the past, interfering with the present.
  4. Ask yourself the one big question that will make or break this experience: do you like your date and want more? If yes, put your green light on auto pilot and let it shine. Don’t worry about the red and amber lights. They will kick in if there is any real danger. You don’t need to do double duty.

The 9 Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out If He Is The One For You

dwLet’s be honest most women feel that they are at a disadvantage when dating men. Invariably dating is an enigma and we have no idea what we are doing. As much as we try to look like we know how to seduce men the reality is we are busting our butts to date with success.

Dating isn’t about getting a guy to like you, he should already like you – you are a Queen! Dating also isn’t about letting a man take the lead. You should take the reins and keep your cards close to your chest.

If you want to date a guy, you’re already attracted to him so all you need to do is assess if he is compatible with you. Below is a dating blue print to use to help you decipher if a guy is compatible with you.

Think about what questions you can use to

1 prove his trust

2 prove that he wants a relationship

3 prove that he wants kids (if you want kids)

4 prove that he is single

5 prove that he isn’t a mysoginyst

6 prove that he isn’t a criminal

7 prove that he encourages a woman to pursue her dreams and career

8 prove that he is goal orientated and wants to get places in his life

9 prove that he isn’t jealous

These are examples of some of the questions you need to ask but what you ask will depend largely on what you want from a guy. If you want a man who doesn’t have children then you will need to ask questions that get to the truth. Now, don’t take what a man says as gospel, you must constantly be testing his honesty and integrity. Every time you ask a question, make sure you follow that up with a similar question in a different context to get to the truth. We all put on a front when we date, and men will say nearly anything just to get in your pants as quickly as possible. That is why you must screen over several weeks and several dates (meaning more than 3) before you get physical with a guy.

Don’t be like most women who stop screening early because they hate dating and just want to be in a relationship. Men know women hate dating and they use that as ammunition. Be shrewd and date with your head not your heart.

How to Ask A Woman Out On a Date

deThere is a simple secret to asking a woman out on a date that will not place a man in that kind of intimidating situation with the fear of rejection from her. In fact, this secret will increase the chance of getting a woman out on a date by 100%.

The secret is “DON’T ask her for a date”.

That’s right. Don’t ask for a date. If a man don’t ask a woman for a date, there is no chance that he will get rejected by the woman. Simple as that. Now, many will be scratching their head at this point. If we don’t ask a woman for a date, how are we supposed to date them?

Before answering that, let me quickly explain why it is a bad idea to ask a woman for a date. If a man ask for a date with a woman, it automatically triggers a defence mechanism in her. Her mind will go into overdrive, with all her thoughts whirling around. She will think about whether it is safe, whether the guy has other intentions, whether the date would be awkward like her previous one and whether she is sure she wants to start dating the guy etc. In the end, she will likely reject him on the spot, come up with an excuse or accept and then back out later.

Unless the woman is very attracted to the man, which is unlikely if they had just met and only had a five minutes conversation, a date will seem to be too much and too soon for her.

So, instead of asking a woman directly for a date which triggers her defence mechanism, try something that is less direct. For example, if you know that she is into tennis, you could try something like this: “Hey, I know of a great fun place to play tennis at. I play there every Saturday morning with some friends. If you give me your number, I might invite you along for a game next time”. Saying something like this don’t require her immediate answer and so there won’t be a rejection from her. It also sounds like it is something fun and in a group which might pique her interest in joining especially if it is something that she already enjoys doing.

The other beauty of this secret technique is that a man won’t have to spend over fifty dollars on a dinner and a movie with a woman who might not go on a second date with him again.

Ask a woman to accompany you on places where she knows she is going to have fun and excitement. Not dates. No stress on her. Will not invoke her defence mechanism. No need for rejection. So instead of asking a woman for a date, ask her to join you on an adventure or let her in on your lifestyle. There will be better chances for a woman to understand and accept a man this way.