Decide Which One You Want To Be

rThe title might be a bit misleading because there are definitely more than 2 types of men in this world. There is the passive man, the proactive man and then those that fall in between. However, the important thing is to recognise which type of man you are and what is the difference between the two types. Read on to decide which type of man you are and want to become.

The passive man is most likely to be the introverted man. The passive man is someone like Bob. Bob is just an average guy. He works nine to five, comes home and eats dinner, watch TV and sleep at night ready to go to work the next day. He hangs out with his friends occasionally and hopes to get lucky with women sometimes.

Bob does not seek out ways to be in control and takes charge of his life. Bob is overly concerned with protecting his own self-image and is satisfied easily with his life as he does not want to change. He is afraid of change. Bob meets the occasional woman and once in a while manages to get her number, mostly by luck. He will call and ask her out on a date but invariably always gets shot down every time. Sometimes, she agrees but when the day comes for the date, she calls and says she can’t make it or she simply stands him up on the date. Bob gets disappointed and depressed each time he gets rejected. His passivity grows. He is thinking why bother trying if the results is always the same and he gives up trying eventually.

Dave, on the other hand is average too. But he is proactive about his life. He takes control of the steering wheel of his life and drives where he wants to go. He knows that life is never a bed of roses and if he wants something for himself, he has the power to make it happen himself. When it comes to dating, he actively seeks out chances with women and learns from his mistakes in interaction with them every time. When he fails in one date, he will reflect back and see what he could have done better or differently. Dave actively seeks out information and advice to continuously learn and improve on his approach and attitude with women.

Bob and Dave illustrate the 2 types of men – one who would get bitter and wallow in his self-pity every time he gets rejected by a woman and the other who tries harder and smarter and eventually gets dates he wants. Which type of man do you prefer to be?