How to Ask A Woman Out On a Date

deThere is a simple secret to asking a woman out on a date that will not place a man in that kind of intimidating situation with the fear of rejection from her. In fact, this secret will increase the chance of getting a woman out on a date by 100%.

The secret is “DON’T ask her for a date”.

That’s right. Don’t ask for a date. If a man don’t ask a woman for a date, there is no chance that he will get rejected by the woman. Simple as that. Now, many will be scratching their head at this point. If we don’t ask a woman for a date, how are we supposed to date them?

Before answering that, let me quickly explain why it is a bad idea to ask a woman for a date. If a man ask for a date with a woman, it automatically triggers a defence mechanism in her. Her mind will go into overdrive, with all her thoughts whirling around. She will think about whether it is safe, whether the guy has other intentions, whether the date would be awkward like her previous one and whether she is sure she wants to start dating the guy etc. In the end, she will likely reject him on the spot, come up with an excuse or accept and then back out later.

Unless the woman is very attracted to the man, which is unlikely if they had just met and only had a five minutes conversation, a date will seem to be too much and too soon for her.

So, instead of asking a woman directly for a date which triggers her defence mechanism, try something that is less direct. For example, if you know that she is into tennis, you could try something like this: “Hey, I know of a great fun place to play tennis at. I play there every Saturday morning with some friends. If you give me your number, I might invite you along for a game next time”. Saying something like this don’t require her immediate answer and so there won’t be a rejection from her. It also sounds like it is something fun and in a group which might pique her interest in joining especially if it is something that she already enjoys doing.

The other beauty of this secret technique is that a man won’t have to spend over fifty dollars on a dinner and a movie with a woman who might not go on a second date with him again.

Ask a woman to accompany you on places where she knows she is going to have fun and excitement. Not dates. No stress on her. Will not invoke her defence mechanism. No need for rejection. So instead of asking a woman for a date, ask her to join you on an adventure or let her in on your lifestyle. There will be better chances for a woman to understand and accept a man this way.