A Date Under the Stars

sWhen the sun starts to set and the earth is enclosed with darkness, the moon and stars appear to illuminate the black sky. There is something magical and enchanting with these celestial bodies, deeming it as a perfect time to meet with the most important person in your life. With all the hustle and bustle throughout the morning, you would need a place of serenity to keep you away from all the physical and mental pressures. Nightfall will smoothly give you the classic date setting that you have been yearning for.

A date is a special moment you spend with your beloved. It is only fitting that you choose an excellent spot to celebrate it. At dusk, the stars will become your romantic scenery. To ensure that both of you get to enjoy the evening, you can turn to these 3 date ideas.

Movies in the Park

In Newcastle Australia, couples love to visit King Edward Park as they offer free movies for everyone. While watching the film, the sun and moon will make a brilliant backdrop. You just have to get that blanket and popcorn ready for the complete enjoyment of the show. You could also bring a picnic basket to assure that both of you are full before you turn you focus on the movie. You may want to consider bringing an extra blanket or jacket in case one gets cold.

Alfresco Dinner

Look for a suitable location for an outdoor meal, preferably one that involves not having a roof over your heads so that you can enjoy the view by the stars. Of course, you also have to check the weather to avoid ruining your delicious dinner. Use the natural setting outside as the reference of your dining place. Make sure that you are comfortable with your seats so that you’ll be able to relish most out of it. Converse with each other and point out some constellations while enjoying your sumptuous food.


Prepare for an adventure. Grab that tent and all other necessities like food, water, and insect repellent. Together with your loved one, this is a great opportunity to be one with nature. Camping is also an inexpensive alternative to a traditional date in a fancy restaurant. You will probably enjoy activities like rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and much more. It is also an awesome getaway from all the noise and stress of the city. Sleeping in the fresh air allows you to unwind in the comforts of the natural environment.