How To Know If Your Relationship Is Real Or Just A Fling

meMen don’t walk around with a sign on their head that says, “Date me.” It would be nice if they were that obvious, but they aren’t. They aren’t mind readers or psychics. Can you imagine how easy dating would be if they were? But, if they care about you, they try to show you with cute little gestures. If you’re wondering if your relationship is real, follow these 5 rules and you should know!

1. Dinner Time

Does your man plan exciting dinners? You know, like a real dinner date? If he puts in the effort to look nice and takes you to a romantic restaurant, you’re in luck. He wants to date you!

2. Let’s Cuddle

After you’ve been intimate, does your man cuddle with you or just go to sleep? Cuddling is a sign that he cares about you. It’s his subtle way of letting his guard down and being vulnerable. If he just passes out, it’s time to get the hint that things aren’t ever going to be serious.

3. Hey Parents

Has your man mentioned meeting his family? Meeting the parentals is a big step. It means your man has feelings for you and wants his parents to get to know you. Anything involving the parents is a step in the right direction. So if your man invites you to spend time with his family, get excited, because you’re in this for the long run.

4. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Women love flowers. They smell pretty and radiate happiness. If your man is giving you flowers, he’s into you. A man only gives a woman flowers if he really likes her. So, if you’ve received a beautiful bouquet at your home or office, your relationship is real.

5. Surprise, Honey!

When a man likes a woman, he wants to see her smile. He does anything possible to brighten her day. If your man has been surprising you with sweet little gestures, he’s trying to show you that he’s crushing on you.

As women we make our own destiny. We’re too important to waste our time with men that don’t care about us. If your man isn’t doing any of these things, it’s time to realize he isn’t the one for you. Just remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea!